Rocky Mount NC Real Estate News April 2017

by Joni Robbins on May 2, 2017

Great things still happening in our area!

real-estateIf you take Pollen out of the equation, great things are continuing to happen in our community. Home sales are continuing at a pace not seen in years, industry coming to town, The Mill Village project, Downtown revitalization, all this and more…plus we have fabulous people here and light traffic!

Let’s talk about the great people in our area first. Like every city in the country, we have areas that aren’t as well maintained as they should be. One of those areas was Meadowbrook Park, well…no more! Gloria Davis is doing a wonderful job as President of the Meadowbrook Park neighborhood. Her yard sets a great example of her and others vision for the community. She is encouraging others to take pride in their yards and take pride in their community to make it a more appealing place for all that live there.

There are several newly formed neighborhood associations that are taking similar measures to help “clean up” their area and help improve the quality of life for all those involved. We, at Boone, Hill, Allen & Ricks would like to congratulate and thank these neighborhoods for their efforts in making Rocky Mount a better place for all of us.

This leads me to think, what can the rest of us do? The rest of us can continue to be positive and spread good news about our great city! I get frustrated when I hear people bad mouthing Rocky Mount. Do we have crime? Sure we do, just like any other city in the country. We have areas more prone to crime, but over all crime is down and it’s not as concentrated in most areas. Does our area have struggles? Indeed we do, but show me a city that doesn’t! I can assure you that people in Rocky Mount don’t have high blood pressure from traffic jams all day. I can assure you that your REALTOR can show you houses all over the county in one day, not having to deal with big city issues. I can also tell you that the cost of living here is so much more affordable than areas like Raleigh and Charlotte, where it’s ridiculous. One can live in Rocky Mount and in many cases commute to Raleigh and take the same amount of time as if they lived in Raleigh. Trust me, your money goes a lot further when it comes to buying houses here verses Raleigh too! Now don’t get me wrong, Raleigh, Charlotte and other major metropolitan cities have a lot to offer that Rocky Mount doesn’t. My wife and I enjoyed a great weekend there, just this past week, but for the “rat race”…you can have it! I will continue to enjoy the pace of life here in Nash and Edgecombe counties. I will continue to enjoy people having the charm to wave as you drive by regardless if they are walking or driving a lawn mower. I will continue to enjoy seeing familiar faces in the grocery store and taking a few extra minutes to chat. I love our area and am proud to be born and raised in Rocky Mount, if you feel the same, let people know. If you don’t like living here…inventory is low and now is a good time to sell!

Now, I didn’t mean that to be mean or hateful towards anybody, I simply wanted to make the point that this is a great City and if you live here, you should be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Boast the great things and not highlight the negative. I’m here for the long haul and if you are too, let’s get together and continue to make Rocky Mount “Great Again.” It’s happening as we speak, so let’s be the positive force that keeps that forward momentum! If you are moving out of the area and enjoyed Rocky Mount, please help spread the word and best wishes to your and yours!

Local Real Estate Market Data

I know a lot of you like to keep up with these numbers so let me go ahead and share where we stand now and how the market performed last month.
As of right now, April 17, 2017 5:15 pm, there are 338 active listings in the great City of Rocky Mount. Nash county currently has 261 and Edgecombe County has just 165 for a total of 511 home currently on the market in what I call the Rocky Mount Area. So, we still have low inventory and are in need of good listings, but the numbers seem to have leveled out to some degree, keeping the momentum towards a sellers market.
I find that it is interesting to break down price ranges and look at units available particular segments of our market. So, the following numbers represent how many houses you would choose from if you were buying a home in the following price ranges. Keep in mind there are no parameters other than price range, no age, no style, no location, just price range.
$90-120k =83 units
200-250=30 (notice range increase)
As you can see, there is a limited amount of inventory while still a steady demand for housing…we need inventory.
What closed last month? 105 units at an average sales price of $126,266. The average list price of those sold was $131,961, so on average these closed at 96% of list price. One more figure I found interesting was average Days on Market, which was 143 days. With many homes selling quickly in this market that number seems high, so I took out 7 rentals (that averaged 400 days) and 2 owner occupant homes (averaged 644 days) and that brought the average down to 113 and that seems more realistic for todays market.


picBoone, Hill, Allen & Ricks is very proud and excited to welcome our newest broker, Joni Robbins!

Joni was raised in Edgecombe County and has lived in Nash County for the past 22 years. She has been married to Chad Robbins almost 19 years and they have two sons, Anson and Ethan.

Joni worked as a hairdresser in Rocky Mount for over 15 years and has loves the Rocky Mount Area.

She is very excited to start this new journey and looks forward to being an integral part of the areas growth and we are certainly happy to have her!


1114 Falling River Walk
2417 Square feet
3 bedroom down 2 full baths
Make sure your check out the interior photos on the link!
4632 Primrose Place
1511 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths
Nice carport, new carpet and fresh paint, plus privacy fence! r0Vg/ 4632PrimrosePlaceRockyMountNC2 7804
105 Whispering Pines Dr.
6068 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 2 half baths
Amazing home, do yourself a favor and look through these pictures!!
r0XD/ 105105WhisperingPinesDriveRock yMountNC27804
910 Birchwood Dr.
3 bedrooms, 2 full bath and 1 half bath
Great new construction by Dean Holland in Nashville! Great Location! r0af/ 910BirchwoodDriveNashvilleNC27 856

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