The New Years Purge!

by Joni Robbins on January 12, 2017


It’s a brand new year and many of us want to lose weight or start healthy habits. We’ve set our goals and now have to figure out how in the world to reach them.

Do we join a gym or sign up for the the services that deliver healthy food to our doorsteps? Do we dust off the blender and set off our day with smoothies?

Yes! We should surely do all of these, but we also need to purge! Purge our pantries, that is.

If we still have junk food lurking in the pantry, our New Years Resolutions are at a serious risk! We must purge our homes of the junk and replace it with healthier choices. Let’s get started with the pantry.

Follow along as I lead you through the five simple steps of pantry purging!

1. Clear Out
2. Toss Out
3. Organize
4. Replace
5. Refill

Step one, clear out!
I went shelf-by-shelf to avoid being overwhelmed. But, if you have a small pantry, you might just want clear out everything at once and get a fresh start. As you remove items, check expiration dates. If it’s out of date…

Step two, toss it!
If it’s open and you aren’t sure if it’s stale or fresh, recruit a child or friend to taste test! (Only kidding… even though I actually did this!)

Step three, organize!
If foods are organized, you are more likely to utilize them. I like to use strawberry buckets to hold potatoes so they remain dry. Containers to hold the packets of things like dried fruit are a huge help as well.

Make certain there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place!

Step four, replace!
Hopefully you’ve done what my family does, and let the pantry empty out a bit before purging it. I don’t recommend tossing out food that isn’t expired because it’s just wasteful. Next time the neighborhood kids find their way to your house, put out the snacks and get rid of them! (I try to hide these snacks from plain sight so I’m not tempted by them!)

What are some of the items in your pantry that aren’t particularly healthy? Perhaps you have a habit of always keeping chips in the pantry. Replace regular potato chips with a healthier alternative like sweet potato chips.

Are you or somebody in your family just addicted to cookies? Try purchasing the ingredients to prepare homemade cookies.

There is a cookie recipe on my blog that is fairly healthy and totally delicious!

Buying a bag of cookies is so convenient and very unhealthy. Just making fresh cookies is more beneficial for you, and I bet the time commitment to bake them will cut your cookie snacking down tremendously.


Healthier swap outs

  • Whole Grain pasta instead of white, bleached pasta;
  • Whole grain breads instead of white, bleached breads;
  • Protein bars instead of cereal bars or sugary granola bars;
  • Whole grain oats instead of pre-packaged oatmeal;
  • Whole grain pancake and waffle mixes instead of buttermilk mixes;
  • Brown rice instead of white rice;
  • Bagged tuna instead of canned tuna,
  • Purchase organic sauces when you can;
  • Glass jars instead of canned;
  • Boxes of soup instead of canned soup;
  • Low sugar, whole grain cereals instead of sugary cereals.

Step five, refill!
It’s really important to keep a stocked pantry. If you do, you’re more likely to cook fresh meals and it makes planning meals in advance much easier.

Make sure you plan a trip to the grocery store when you are not hungry! If you go hungry, you are very likely to purchase things you don’t need.

I like to make my weekly menu around my pantry, fridge and freezer. Why? Because I can purchase what’s on sale and then become creative with those ingredients.

Try to shop fresh and frozen whenever possible. Organic when you can and Non-GMO as much as you can.


My favorite grocery store is Aldi because they have great prices and lots of Non-GMO and organic items at awesome prices.

If you must purchase boxed items, choosing items with less than ten ingredients is best. Try to avoid more than thirty ingredients. Trust me, trying to find boxed, prepackaed items with less than ten ingredients is so much harder than it sounds! Findig less than thirty can also be challenging.

Stayed tuned for my blog on my FABULOUS FIT…fridge!

Happy New Year from us to you,

Joni & Chad Robbins
Robbins, Marketing, Inc

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